Depuis Juin 2008, je me consacre à vendre particulièrement le Foulard Rafraîchissant
ainsi que d'autres produits lesquels sont presque tous relatifs à l'eau, à l'air, au soleil et et à l'environnement

Since June 2008, I have dedicated myself to selling the Refreshing Scarf as well as other products which are almost all related to water, air, sun and the environment


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Refreshing Scarf 

Most Frequent Questions and Answers

 Q - What is a Refreshing Scarf and what is it for?

A - The Refreshing Scarf is a scarf that cools when activated by water, relieves heat and brings a lot of well-being. It is made of high quality polyester which contains the crystals of non-toxic copolymer. It can be used all year round to improve its comfort during heat stress. When you are uncomfortable because of the heat, the Refreshing Scarf effectively reduces your body temperature and gives you better comfort (feeling which can last from 2 to 8 hours). If the scarf is exposed to the sun and wind, it will be more effective

The Refreshing Scarf helps relieve headaches, migraines, heat stress, discomfort during pregnancy, and can be used at work, in sports, in outdoor events, on vacation or in any occasion you have need to refresh yourself. The Refreshing Scarf is the perfect promotional green item

People can save energy and reduce their cost of electricity by using less air conditioning.

Q - How does the Refreshing Scarf work?

A - First soak the Refreshing Scarf in clean cold water. As water enters the fabric (polyester), the copolymer crystals inside are activated and absorb 400 times their weight in water. Then you just put it in your neck and tie it and it will absorb the heat from your body. When exposed to air, the Refreshing Scarf evaporates water and heat from your body. Try dipping it in ice water or in the refrigerator and you will have a whole milking. (... note that this is not necessary)

Q - How long will my Refreshing Scarf last?

A - The Refreshing Scarf will be most effective in the first 24-36 hours but you can reactivate it at any time in cold cool water. Your Refreshing Scarf will remain cold as long as the water can evaporate from the fabric. It will always stay fresh if you occasionally dip it in cool water to maintain hydration - the more water there is the cooler it will be! To reactivate it, you only have to soak it in water for 1 minute MAXIMUM PER INCH which is dry

Q - Can I put my Refreshing Scarf in the freezer or refrigerator?

A - The Refreshing Scarf should not be put in the freezer, nobody can endure ice in his neck over a long period of time; also, the seams may strain. As for the refrigerator, there is no problem other than the Refreshing Scarf will remain at room air temperature for the next 30/60 minutes

 Q - What is the Refreshing Scarf made of? Is it safe?

A - The Refreshing Scarf contains non-toxic and super absorbent copolymer; it is completely safe and environmental. Our Dura-Thin construction patent consists of a 100% polyester fabric and a secure plastic fastener

Q - What should I do the first time with my Refreshing Scarf?

A - You can wash the Refreshing Scarf in hot water with a few drops of an unscented antibacterial soap, then rinse thoroughly; wring out by pressing the Refreshing Scarf to eliminate the maximum amount of water

Q - What should I do with my Refreshing Scarf when I no longer want to use it?

A - Refreshing scarf should be washed in hot water ideally with an unscented antibacterial soap. It should not be washed in an automatic washer. Keep the Refreshing Scarf in the fresh air and leave it hanging until it is dry. The Refreshing Scarf should return to its original state in a few days (30 days), but this depends on air circulation, temperature and humidity. NEVER STORE ACTIVE Refreshing Scarf in a sealed container if it is not completely dry

Q - Can I use the Refreshing Scarf with hot water?

A - Yes! Refreshing scarf can be soaked in hot water and used on all parts of the body to enjoy sudden comfort

Q - What should I do if the Refreshing Scarf is sticky?

A - The Refreshing Scarf will become sticky if it does not breathe and if it is in a very humid environment; it is to pass under cold water and if necessary wash it with a few drops of an antibacterial soap ideally unscented and especially let it dry in the open air